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Custom templates

What are custom templates?

A template is a collection of fields in which you can store data in text format, or files. Hypervault comes with a number of predefined templates that allow you to store passwords, email account settings, etc...

As a manager in Hypervault you can also create custom templates. You define which and how many fields are needed in the template. This way, you can create custom templates which are specific to your business and your needs. They contain a specific set of fields that is needed by your company.

Where can I create these custom templates?

In the dropdown menu in the upper right corner, you'll find a tab called 'custom templates'. You can also find an 'add template' button in the modal when you want to add a new vault item.

Be aware that only managers are able to see the 'add template' button and can create custom templates.

Custom templates vs. custom fields

  • Custom templates are only accessible by managers and are used to create completely new data categories.
  • Custom fields are accessible by managers and members. These fields can be added on top of existing templates.

What kind of field types are supported?

Hypervault supports

  • text fields
  • number fields
  • email fields
  • password / sensitive data fields
  • URL
  • Options
  • File upload

When you create a custom template you can add an icon to help visually identify your custom template in the overview.

What happens when I make a change to an existing custom template?

All your vault items that were created before the change will keep the same structure as the old version of the custom template. This way we can guarantee that no data is accidentally lost when you make a change.

What happens when I delete a custom template?

In the event a custom template is obsolete, you can safely remove it. The vault items that are created with this template will remain in your vault. The template of these items will be changed to 'custom'.