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Different types of users

Hypervault uses a clear hierarchy to set rights and permissions. We've set up different user profiles so you can easily assign a team member


A manager has access to the whole public vault with reading and writing permissions. A manager can also create and modify teams, change billing and workspace settings, change the number of licenses and suspend or delete users.


A member has access to the specific folders from the public vault with reading and writing permissions. The accessible folders are defined by managers. A member can't create teams, change billing information or suspend/delete users.


A viewer can only see data, not change it. The data that a viewer can see is also defined by a manager.

External member

An external member is a user who doesn't belong to any team. A type of external member could be a client with who you want to share data.

An external member can change their data.

External viewer

An external viewer is the same as an external member, with the only difference that this viewer can't change data.