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How to migrate old Hypervault items to the new version

This article will help you transfer data from the old version under https://app.hypervault.co
to your new workspace under

Our domain changed in May 2021 from .co to .com. Note: this is NOT the workflow for any other kind of import (i.e. Lastpass, Dashlane, 1password,… !

1. Export your data from app.hypervault.co

2. Download the template file for the new Hypervault.

For the application on app.hypervault.com we created a new template file.
Download it from:


3. Open both files with Microsoft Excel or Open Office

Once you downloaded both files, open them in an application that can read and write csv-files.

In the export from the old version, you'll notice a lot of different columns. We need to copy at least 3 of these columns into the new template file:

  • Username
  • Password
  • URL

The new template file has 4 columns.

  • Title
  • Username
  • Password
  • URL

If for a specific record the value for the Title column is empty, Hypervault will skip the record. In those cases we suggest that you either:

  • copy the value from the URL field in the Title field. So you'll have both the Title field and the URL field containing the url where the login and password is applicable. OR
  • or just manually enter a value label in the Title column field. You can always edit and change these entries manually later after the import, so this can be temporary value.

4. Save the file as csv

Be sure to save the new import file to a proper csv-format.
This is important, as the application might have difficulty reading your file otherwise.

5. Upload the csv

Go to your workspace on the new Hypervault application and select 'import' in the menu on the top right

Be aware that we can only import website logins.
All the other data needs to be transferred manually.