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I forgot my master password

Your Master Password is the only way to unlock your Hypervault account. Only you know your Master Password, and it is never shared with or stored by Hypervault. If you have forgotten your Master Password the data that you saved in Hypervault can no longer be decrypted.

Can I reset my account?

Resetting an account is only possible when there is more than 1 manager assigned to your workspace. A reset of your account will also wipe out your data from your private vault.

When the reset is done, the other manager can send an invite to your email again.

Resetting an account comes with a one-time fee of €59. To order a reset, simply press the buy button below and follow the steps.

What if I'm the only manager in my workspace?

Unfortunately, when you lose your password, you lose access to your vault. Your master password is used in the encryption and we're not in the possibility to recover it, as mentioned before. The only thing that we're able to do is reset your workspace and your account completely.

If you want to proceed with the reset of your workspace, press the buy button below and follow the necessary steps. Resetting a workspace comes with a one-time fee of €59.