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Switching between workspaces

Before you'll be able to switch between workspaces, you'll obviously first have to create workspaces. If you haven't done so yet, please read this article first.

Note: your first workspace will be created automatically for you at the end of the onboarding process, when you first sign up for Hypervault.

From here, we'll assume you have already created at least one extra workspace and that you have at least two active workspaces.

When you are logged into your Hypervault account click on your profile picture at the very top right corner of the application. (If you did not provide a profile picture yet, it should show a circle with your initials).

or alternatively, without a profile picture:

Once you clicked on your profile picture you'll see a dropdown menu, like this:

There, click on the first choice in the dropdown which shows the name of your current workspace and "Switch workspace".

This will open a new dropdown showing you the list of workspaces you've created.

Just click on the workspace you want to log into and you will be taken to the login screen for that workspace.