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Troubleshooting Imports

While we've done our best to make sure the import from your previous password manager (or from the Google Chrome browser) goes as smooth as possible, sometimes things can go wrong.

In most cases this is due to a CSV file that is giving problems.

Before importing your passwords, the import tool in Hypervault checks your CSV.

It then gives you the result of that check.

In most cases all items will be ready to import and you can just go ahead and import all your passwords.

Partial fail:
Is some cases though, Hypervault checking your CSV files generates something like this:

This is when the great majority of the passwords in your CSV file can be imported successfully but a small amount of data could not be imported.

In the above case, 63 items (or passwords) are ready to be imported, while 5 items seem to be problematic.

Luckily, the import tool tells you which lines in your CSV file can not be imported.

In our example above, Lines 7, 33, 36, 60 are returning "Item structure is not compatible".

"Item structure is not compatible" means something in that line of your CSV file is not compatible with our Import tool.

Of course, you could just decide to ignore the warning and just proceed with the import but chances are high that the items on the aforementioned lines will not be imported. We bet that's not what you want...

The best thing to do then is to open your CSV file and check it.
Typically on the lines that give problems, you should look for missing usernames, missing url's, or a missing passwords even...

This could have happened because you never entered that specific information in your password manager.

In that case, and especially if it's just a few items that went wrong during the import, it's just a matter of manually fixing those few lines in your CSV file and then starting over again until the import tool tells you you're good to go for all the lines (items) of your CSV file.

In our same example above, Line 69 is seen as an empty item.

If, when checking the CSV file this line is indeed completely empty, this error can simply be ignored and you can go ahead with the import.

Major fail

If after checking your CSV file the import tool tells you most or all of the items in your CSV file are problematic, this is probably due to a corrupt CSV file.

You have two options then:

1. Generate a new CSV file:

Go back to your source password manager, the one were you just exported your CSV file from, and with a new export generate a new CSV file and try to import into Hypervault again. In many cases, this helps. Password managers sometimes generate corrupt CSV files...

2. Use our template file:

At the bottom of the list of Import sources in the left sidebar of the Import items window click on "Other".
Then choose the left button: "Download Template"

This is just an empty CSV template that is meant to show you how the data in your CSV file should be structured.

You can then manipulate your CSV file until it matches the required structure.

Once you are sure your CSV file's structure matches the structure of our template, try to import again.